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Hiya, I'm Dom and Minecraft has been one of my favourite games since I was around 11! 
I bought the game and played it the most out of my other games and that's been the same ever since I bought it, every single year! I love survival, I love being creative, I love trying texture packs, shaders and mods too! 
In 2020, I decided to make my first serious custom map, which we know today as 'The Shattered Islands', The name went through so many changes! First it was 'Cubic by Dominicl47', then 'Cubic: The Shattered Islands by Dominicl47', then finally 'The Shattered Islands by The Cubic Team' and finally, it felt right! 
Ever since, I've been reaching out to people, sharing my creations and making connections! 
That's how I met Max, and now me, my Fiancé and Max are 'The Cubic Team' and I couldn't be prouder to be working together within this team, making great content for the Minecraft community!



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My Name is Max and im 22 years old.
I play Minecraft since 2011, gone through a lot when it comes to playstyles. 
First I began to play survival, for 2-3 years. After that phase I started with my first redstone creations. My redstone creations fastly evolved to more complicated things and so did my command-block skills too. 
By the end of 2019 I started to build my first little adventuremaps
and at the end of 2020 I released my first functioning map, which now has over 16.000 downloads. 
Since November I am now proudly part of THE CUBIC TEAM and thrilled to release more awesome maps together with the whole team.

Our features

The cubic RESET feature

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Current Version : 1.0

The Cubic Reset-Feature was carefully planned and engineered by our Team-Member the_only_max
Every single contraption that would normally need a manual reset, will have a command-blocks replace multiple blocks in order to make the contraption work again.
For example, normally there would be a chest, with our Reset-Feature there will be a command block that detects the player near the chest, and instead of the player taking out the items, the command block will give it to the player. This allows us to easily reset (in this example) the chest, by only placing one single redstone block. All reset functions are set in a row that will be executed one after another. To ensure that all blocks are placed even outside of the loaded chunks (/setblock commands don’t work outside of loaded chunks), the player will be teleported in sync to the places where the command blocks execute at the time.

This feature will be constantly updated and improved.