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the cubic team


We create Minecraft adventuremaps, resourcepacks and modpacks.
We do this with passion and take our time on each project to ensure that we only publish high quality content.
We are constantly building, testing or perfecting our maps and other creations. If you want high quality Minecraft-Maps, you are at the right place. We create our maps with endless passion, a love for details and the best of it all, we do this all not for the profit, but for the fun.


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Logo changes

We are really sorry for the many Logo changes in the last weeks.

We want to express ourselves with our logo. We wanna feel good about it.
As a Team that wants to be remembered just by our logo, we want to make
sure it fits us, like your shoes fit you !
We hope this doesn’t create any inconvenience for you.

The Cubic Team

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We already have a proud collection of professional made Minecraft maps.
As we grow bigger and bigger, our maps get more detailed and greater than ever.

Check out our work so far, and don’t forget to give us feedback, because it helps us to improve our creations a lot !

The Cubic Reset Feature

If you see this icon on one of our maps, that means the map is fully resettable and can be played again on the same world file. This feature was designed and engineered by the_only_max  from  The Cubic Team.
This system is very complex and takes a huge amount of time to build, so be ensured that our maps have high quality standards.

Winner of the „CCC 2021“

The Winners of the „Cubic Creations Contest 2021“ are : 

  • pecinko_svemirko
  • Markinos12
  • thepro1322

The task was to build a Spaceship in Space.

If you want to see the pictures of the winner‘s map, click the button below to get to the community sub-page.

Letsplay series of „Darksouls - The crafted Souls“

by CrazeLarious

Part 1

Created with Sketch.

CrazeLarious makes himself comfortable with the Game-mechanics and fights his way through the first area „Ruins of Alando“ with lots and lots of enemies.  

Part 2

Created with Sketch.

After collecting 10.000 Souls, Craze removes the rock-formation in „Ruins of Alando“ and opens the entrance to the cave. He fights his way into the swamp area and also finds the first boss.

Part 3

Created with Sketch.

After defeating the first boss, Craze goes into the catacombs and has to find 4 buttons in this maze straight out of hell. He has to withstand hordes of enemies and maneuvers his way through this huge labyrinth.

Part 4

Created with Sketch.

In this final part of his Letsplay-series, he fights the second boss, opens a DLC area and sadly has to consider the map as finished, at least for the near future.

Upcoming projects

Nightshift at Paletus Place 

This map will lean on the theme of FNAF, giving you a mix between „escape the room“ and other puzzle-maps. 
The atmosphere will be constantly creepy, and the more you explore, the more you’ll have the feeling of someone following you.

Cubic : realms of Astoria 

Cubic: Realms of Astoria is a take on the popular action RPG genre. You will explore different areas, complete quests, slay monsters and bosses and find lots of loot!

Zombey fighter

You have to fight zombie waves to safe the fellow residents that are trapped in your house. This will be a fully resettable zombie-wave adventure 

Finished projects


This Portal inspired Map offers 3 difficult parkour/puzzle chambers to solve. A death-timer will make sure that you’ll give your best. This map is perfect for a little challenge throughout your day.

Darksouls - the crafted souls

This map will be a huge, fully resettable adventuremap in darksouls style. It’ll be my most detailed work so far and will represent the Darksouls series in it’s full Minecraft form.

CUBIC : the shattered islands

With a focus on survival, CTM (Complete The Monument) and elements of action and adventure, Cubic: The Shattered Islands presents itself as a challenge and a fun new way to explore. Each island is unique, with it's own secrets, loot, and a Trophy! Trophies come in the forms of blocks.


Made originally for Sticky Piston's MapJam 2021 and finalised afterwards, this is a fun game you can challenge yourself to complete, or race against your friends with! 64 varied stages which pit you against jumping puzzles, speed challenges and even trivia! Why is this map different than other parkour maps?


This Map was inspired by the mobile Game "The Evil Nun". You play as an captured "guest" and have to escape a creepy old orphanage, solve puzzles, find keys and most importantly, don’t get caught by one of the nuns !

Release Spotlight

This Portal inspired Map offers 3 difficult parkour/puzzle chambers to solve. A death-timer will make sure that you’ll give your best. This map is perfect for a little challenge throughout your day.

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